For a long time now, scientists have been studying the way our genes, make us who we are. They consider our DNA as the official instruction book of human’s life. That is why OriginalGene is convinced that people should own and control their genetic information.

What is OriginalGene?

When giving the people an opportunity to use and benefit from the advances made in the DNA technology, they gain a self-knowledge. That knowledge and its value will expand constantly in the future along with science progress. OriginalGene is a personal DNA analysis service provider which aspires the individuals to take more proactive role in their health care.

About the Science

The human genome is the blueprint of a person’s unique combination of three million base pairs of DNA, the building blocks of every cell in the human body. It is also known as the human’s life code. To dive deeply into an individual’s genome, the laboratory needs to analyze those building blocks (including some particular markers/variants, known as SNPs) by a special chip. The SNPs – Single nucleotide polymorphisms – are sites within the genome that differs by a single nucleotide base across different individuals. SNPs can influence a variety of traits such as physical appearance, disease susceptibility, response to drugs or even our personality.

About the Technology

The past decade has seen a revolution in genomics research, allowing genome-wide association studies (GWAS) to understand the genetic variants. This progress would not have been possible without the technologies of the genotyping platforms. OriginalGene uses one of the biggest providers of microarray technology – Affymetrix. Its high quality DNA chip is made specifically to detect variants in the genome and bring to us deeper scientific insights.

The genetic testing for OriginalGene is done by a Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) certified laboratory. The quality assurance in the laboratory includes the whole analysis process: pre-analytical, analytical (testing) and post-analytical processes.

To obtain the information about the individual’s DNA, the laboratory uses Genotyping Technique. This is when a specific part of the gene is analyzed. The genotyping determines which genetic variants are possessed by a certain individual.

Another technique is the DNA Sequencing. It determines the correct order of the DNA structure. The analysis performed by OriginalGene is genotyping and not sequencing.

The stages of DNA analysis

Stage 1:  When a sample arrives to the lab it goes through a visual inspection to assure the fluid in the tube is enough for the testing and wasn’t leaked during the transit.

Stage 2: Once the DNA is extracted from the saliva sample, its concentration has to be measured. A common cause of low DNA levels is when the preservative solution is not fully released into the tube. Another reason is that some people naturally have lower DNA levels in their saliva.

Stage 3: The DNA samples are submitted for genotyping on our custom SNP chip. The process is monitored to make sure it is going as expected. If a particular sample fails to give information for at least 98.5% of the markers which are tested, they go back to the saliva sample that was set aside in the Stage 2 and try again.

Stage 4: When the sample has been analyzed, the laboratory sends the resulting data, along with the barcode that came with, to OriginalGene. Thereafter, the data is interpreted and the report is created.

Stage 5: The customers receive a notification by email that their Test Report is ready. They Log in to OriginalGene’s platform and read their results.

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