The Holiday season is close! While Thanksgiving Day is about expressing our gratitude for the abundance in our lives, many get overexcited while trying to prepare the perfect family dinner. This is a well known experience which repeats every year on that day. And what else is needed for thе dinner to stay that perfect the whole night? We are going to expose several genetic factors that can affect your Thanksgiving dinner.

Appetite Control

When having most of your favorite dishes right in front of you, controlling your appetite might be a difficult thing to do. That is because some of us genetically have a lower appetite control. Despite that fact, give a chance to these delicious foods and put in charge your metabolism in case of overeating.

Fat Metabolism

According to recent data, during the period from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve the average consumed fats are over two times of the recommended amount which is 80g (men), 62g (women). The fats are important as they are a vital source of energy, but there are differences between each individual’s fat metabolism. Gained some weight during the holiday season? It’s not the turkey to blame!

Carbohydrate Metabolism

To protect yourself from taking more calories than your body can manage, knowing your carbohydrate metabolism can be beneficial. So don’t feel guilty for having a slice of your favorite pie. It might not be that big of a challenge for your body.

Egg Allergy

And what about something so delicious like an eggnog? This traditional dessert is one of the best things you can finish your dinner with. Just be careful, especially if you have ever had an egg allergy. The good news is it’s quite rare for adults to develop it.

Alcohol Flush Reaction

While some people choose the ordinary wine or other plain alcohols, others decide to prepare more fancy cocktails. These delicious drinks can enchant you in a way that you will forget about the amount of alcohol in them. But then your alcohol flush reaction will come to protect you the next morning!


It’s always good to be with your family. However, there are situations in which someone might slightly tease you. In that moment, the best thing is to keep calm, although we all know it might not be that easy. Knowing better your personality agreeableness genetics can tell you why you usually get upset or stay extremely positive and don’t take it too personally.

All these situations could be affected by your genetics and the good news is that you can test them now! So if you are quite familiar with the moments mentioned above and want explore how your genetics can affect your Thanksgiving dinner, the NEW OriginalGene Thanksgiving DNA Test is here for you! Take the test and have fun this Thanksgiving, knowing why the things happen that way!

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