Find out more about the best life hacks to enhance your summer experience. Enjoy your favorite season without worries!

We wouldn’t tell you to stay hydrated, because you already know that hydration is absolutely essential for a healthy Summer. We have, however, prepared a list of seven things to accompany you on your summer adventures.

Let’s start with some information about the most sensitive part of your body during this time of year – your skin.

1. Make sure you have sunscreen at hand.

Sun sensitivity

Improve your skincare routine during these hot summer days. Yes, you may want the perfect tan, but at what cost? Your skin’s elasticity and premature ageing are too high a price to pay. Sunscreen is a must!

Let’s have a look at some more tips on how to maintain a healthy summer lifestyle!

2. Do not be lazy.

Athletic performance

Yes, you can exercise outdoors even during the Summer. Just stay away from the heat – do your fitness routine early in the morning or late in the evening. If that’s not an option, you can always visit the nearest gym. Don’t make up excuses!

3. Say “Hello” to summer allergies.

Allergic sensitization

Are you allergic to anything? If you don’t know why you have been sneezing eighteen times in a row, the answer is probably “yes”. Check up on your allergies and consult your medical practitioner about them. And please, don’t try to fight them alone – it never works.

4. Avoid excessive alcohol consumption.

Alcohol consumption

A little party never killed nobody? Then why did you wake up feeling like a zombie today? The summer heat and those few extra drinks aren’t the best of combos. This is definitely not what we meant when we told you to stay hydrated. Remember, water is your best friend!

5. Stay brainy by reading a good book.

Reading and spelling ability

Just imagine yourself reading an engrossing book in the shade, under a tree – what a sweet little escape! Books improve your brain’s efficiency and are the perfect excuse to take a well-deserved break from all the exhausting parties. It doesn’t matter if you are reading Nietzsche or a relaxing summer romance, reading is always a good idea!

6. Do not let bugs pester you.

Attractiveness to mosquitoes

Summer is not only our favorite season; bugs get active too. So, if you don’t like them being around you, it’s time to unholster your weapon – the can of repellent! Make sure you don’t forget it at home when going out on your next adventure, especially if it’s at dusk or dawn. Do not let the bugs bug you!

7. Buy more fruits and less sweets.

Sweet tooth

Fruits are undoubtedly one of the season’s best features. Juicy, nutritious and tasty! They will provide you with a lot of important vitamins and the energy needed to make your summer plans a reality. Be careful, though, the amounts of sugar in some of them may not be very healthy.

You can now tap into the secrets your DNA holds and learn about your body’s response to these conditions. Our tests satisfy all of them and can provide you with the roadmap to a healthy summer experience.

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