People create their own personal worlds around them – different styles, habits, and decisions. In other words, these are the things that make us unique. Do you know what else makes us unique? Our bodies.

Of course, they react to certain substances differently. This is why we have different allergies, love or hate certain foods, and get attracted to some smells more than others.

One of the main reasons for this is our DNA – it is like a personal secret code. Our DNA is designed to unlock the secrets of our bodies and enable us to start a new journey by understanding how they can function properly.

So, why not personalize our diets to feel good and maintain healthy lifestyles? A personalized diet may sound fancy but it is nothing more than getting to know one’s body and its needs, in order to add or remove certain nutrients from their meal plan. A special diet will not only make you feel good, but also make you look good, as it will keep you in shape and ready for new adventures!

There is a famous saying “You are what you eat.”

And food, being an essential part of our existence, contributes not only to our physical well being, but also psychological one. It helps us develop our characters, explains the experience of certain moods and provides connection to our emotions. For instance, hunger may make some people feel irritated and moody, sweets may make them happy and proactive, and vegetables – energized and content.

The lack of some nutrients or the abundance of others can sometimes even cause serious health damage, so it is good to check up on our bodies to preserve their health.

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