Learn more about the sugar levels of a variety of fruits and stay in shape for the summer. Satisfy your sugar cravings in a healthy way.

When the summer vibes take over and the heat starts to set in, we generally tend to switch from the regular, solid food we normally eat, to lighter, more easily digestible meals. Be that as it may, everyone craves some dessert or a snack every once in a while. 

And what better to quench those cravings with than some fresh, diet-friendly fruit? It is, after all, abundantly available during the summer, it’s nutritious, sweet, and it’s packed full of vitamins and minerals!

While most people seem to think that the levels of sugar in fruit are nothing to worry about, since the sugar in them is natural and unrefined, that’s not all there is to the story. Say you have diabetes, for example, or are following a low-carb diet – then you definitely ought to keep an eye (or both of them) on the amounts of sugar you’re consuming.
You have individual dietary needs, and – when all is said and done – you need to address them in the best way possible.

So, to help you with this vital task, we’ve prepared a few examples of fresh, low-sugar fruits you can munch on during this Summer.

Let’s get to it then!

Starting off with one of our favorites – the Lime.
And yes, it’s true – you don’t see many people nibbling on a slice of lime on their way to the beach, but there’s a lot to be said about its health benefits. Limes can lower blood sugar, aid digestion and promote overall weight loss, ultimately bringing you a step closer to your ideal summer body.
Use it to make some refreshing lime water or spice up your summer cocktail.

1.1 grams of sugar and 7 grams of carbs per fruit

Lemon’s distinctive sour taste makes it perfect for a refreshing summer drink. It’s also very beneficial to your health as it contains significant amounts of Vitamin C. 

1.5 grams of sugar and 5.4 grams of carbs per fruit

Apricots are rich in vitamin A, which provides support to the immune system and enlivens the skin in the process. And let’s not forget – they are positively delicious!

3.2 grams of sugar and 3.8 grams of carbs per one small apricot

Cranberries mainly contain carbs and fiber; they boost the efficiency of some fat-soluble vitamins. The perfect healthy snack!

4 grams of sugar and 12 grams of carbs per cup (fresh)

Raspberries contain some very powerful antioxidants. Moreover, consuming such fruits as raspberries, decreases the risk of obesity and diabetes.

5 grams of sugar and 14.7 grams of carbs per cup (raw)

Kiwifruit is a fantastic addition to your fruit salad! Not only are they low in sugar, they’re great for your heart!

6 grams of sugar and 10.1 grams of carbs per kiwi

Grapefruit is the go-to option if you are looking to reduce sugar intake. It improves the way in which your body reacts to cholesterol and lowers its levels.

Half of this fruit has 8 grams of sugar and 10.3 grams of carbs

Quantity and quality are equally important when you’re following a diet of any kind. In case you have diabetes, it would be better to contact a specialized medical practitioner who can help you design a personal meal plan, adjusting it to your specific needs.

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