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Allergies are a major problem in the United States, with up to 50 million people suffering from it. Because of that, researchers have been studying the condition and in recent years they have found a link between one’s genetic makeup and their susceptibility to having an allergic reaction.

Skin care

Skin care

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Everyone’s skin is different and it is difficult to predict how it will respond to ageing.



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Genes are more than often connected to diseases. In reality, the genes are also encoded with our physical characteristics, our potentials and talents.

Personality traits

Included in this test are genes that can help you get insight into different aspects of your behavior. Learn how they affect your feelings of empathy and euphoria, your tolerance to stress or impulsive decision making.

Fitness and Diet

OriginalGene’s Fitness and Diet is a comprehensive test designed to help you reach your goals. The test will allow you to better utilize your genetic advantages and disadvantages while training.

Sugar Test

Sugar Test

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OriginalGene's Sugar test is providing you with an insight into risk factors and genetic markers linked to the developing of conditions such as type 1 and 2 diabetes. Moreover, you can learn about the way your organism metabolises sugar or the way it controls your appetite.

For Him

For Him

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OriginalGene's For Him test is focused on areas important to men such as fertility and athletics.

Neurological Test

OriginalGene's Neuro test allows you to get familiar with the general condition of your nervous system and what they say about you.

Pro Test

Pro Test

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OriginalGene’s Pro test offers an in-depth understanding of your genetic variants that are known as risk factors for multiple conditions affecting one's well being.

Lite Test

Lite Test

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OriginalGene’s Lite test provides information about the possible risk for developing certain health conditions based on genetic testing.

Women Wellness

Women Wellness

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We, at OriginalGene, know that men and women have different needs as far as genetic is concerned. Therefore, we created Women Wellness as our go to product for women at every age.

Onco Test

Onco Test

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OriginalGene's Onco test is a product that can provide you with information regarding your genetic makeover and what it means in regards to the different types of cancer that affect both women and men.

Cardio Test

Cardio Test

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This test includes research on the NPPA, BAZ2B, STARD1, F5; and other related genes. Their genetic variants have been linked with different risk levels for developing heart disease, aneurysm, thrombosis or atrial fibrillation.