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Reveal yourself. Find the missing piece of your ancestral puzzle.


Improve yourself. Understand how your genetic variants affect your responses to nutrients.


Discover yourself. Find out what makes you unique and learn what distinguishes you from your friends and family.

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Order your test from our online store and we will send you a DNA kit with detailed instructions on how to provide your sample.

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Register Kit

Register your kit on our website and mail it back to us. Our lab then performs all the necessary analyses on your DNA.

Recieve results

Receive Results

Receive your results and start exploring your genetic profile.

We at OriginalGENE can...

Personality and Traits

Want to know why your hair is curly or what’s that sudden urge for a wild adventure? Unravel the genes that affect your looks and personality.


Better your diet by understanding your caffeine response, alcohol reaction, lactase digestion or gluten sensitivity.

Athletic Performance

Perform better in speed or endurance sports by learning more about your muscle fiber composition, VO max potential and endurance capacity.

  • Michael and Linda Peters

    OriginalGENE was an exciting journey for the whole family. It helped us to find out more about ourselves.
  • Chloe Davids

    I tried Fitness & Diet and I’m very pleased with the results. As many other young women, I was not only looking for ways to lose weight but also to keep the pounds away over the longer term, which was my main problem.
  • Alberta Madsen

    After I tried "Women Wellness" myself and got convinced of all the benefits OriginalGENE has to offer, I wasn't hesitating at all whether or not to buy the kits for my husband and son.