OriginalGene is a personal DNA analysis service provider. Founded in 2017, our goal is to help you gain access to your genetic information and to understand what you can do with the cards you have been dealt. We strive for awareness of genetic diseases, aim to allow individuals to take a more proactive role in their health care and offer the means for people to learn about themselves.

For a long time now, scientists have been studying the way our genes, together with our environment and diet, make us who we are, believing that our DNA is the official instruction book for human life.

OriginalGene Brand Presentation

We at OriginalGene, are convinced that people should own and control their genetic information. We hope that by giving each individual the opportunity to use and benefit from the advances made in DNA technology, we can promote self-knowledge.

Furthermore, we think your genetic information’s value will increase more and more in the future. Your genotype does not change, but science does. The genome is a story-book that has been edited for over a couple of billions of years. The same way as Scheherazade tells a different story every night, the new technologies allow us to reveal new chapters of the genetic book.

By keeping up with the latest scientific news and breakthroughs in technology, we are able to provide you with the simple and convenient insights into your genetic makeup. No need to make multiple trips to a lab. Your kit is directly sent to your address. Our software and CLIA-certified laboratory ensures high-quality genetic testing at low prices.

So, by sending us a sample, you not only take a step towards improving yourself, but you get the chance to understand your uniqueness.